Not an MMO, but a PSA: Avoid Evony

Instead of a nice, happy post, I’m just going to post a couple of videos today, courtesy of Destructoid.

They’re about the sensation game MMORPG malware waiting to happen known as Evony. The top video is a parody TV ad for Evony, while the other video is an attempt to show, through publicly available information, just how shady Evony really is.

More info on the unsavoriness of  Evony can be found at Bruce On Games. Just use the search bar found on the site for Evony, and the various bits of info should show up.

And yes, this is tagged under EvonyCrap.



5 thoughts on “Not an MMO, but a PSA: Avoid Evony

  1. I got the new version Evony 3.08. My older version was 2.16.
    The new version has all references to Eric Lam and UMGE removed.
    Neither the comments in the hex code nor the decompiled Actionscript have anything that refers to them.
    Also the scripts that enumerated the active programs and sent and retrieved data with the remote servers is gone,
    except for the actual game network link to the game servers.

    Even the code is a bit neater and more efficient.
    At least the heavy scrutiny on them is having some pluses. lol.

    • Respectfully speaking, my bone of contention right now is, why play evony when there are better free to play games out there?

    • Wow! It’s an honor to have you commenting on my blog. 🙂

      Thank you for the link. I’m about to read it right now. 😀

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