Self-Reflection Inspired by Tobold and Syncaine

Everyone should hug.

As many of you might know, Tobold and Syncaine aren’t exactly best buddies in the MMO blogosphere. They’ve had their spats here and there, and I was wondering when one might just capitulate to the other’s needling.

However, when I saw that Tobold was thinking of disabling comments on his blog altogether and Syncaine was trying to reconcile with Tobold, it made me think of how complex people are, and of my own mental state.


One thing that caught my by surprise was that Syncaine was the one who was trying to reconcile with Tobold. Sort of like when someone makes someone else feel sad, and they realize what their actions have done and try to make up for it so that the relationship can be salvaged for the future. I wasn’t expecting it.

I had this image of Syncaine being this badass who kicked ass and took names without thinking of other people. I was mistaken in this mental image, and remembered that behind the bloggers, there are real people with real feelings, and even if it’s just words over the internet, these words still hold power, and they can hurt.  

As for Tobold, the image I hold of him still holds true, I suppose. He is more diplomatic than Syncaine, yet is hurt by the words slung carelessly through this void of technology. He has strong opinions, yes, but along with those opinions comes a heart easily pierced by people who don’t think before they write. Unfortunately, the Greater Internet Dickwad Theory posed by Penny Arcade still applies, and it’s a shame.

To both Syncaine and Tobold, I wish nothing but the best. I hope the two of you reconcile. I hope Tobold keeps allowing moderated comments on his blog. I hope Syncaine becomes more sensitive to the feelings of the people behind the blogging personalities he sometimes disagrees with.


While looking at Tobold and Syncaine, I also came to think about my own place as a writer. I’m more like Tobold in the sense that I don’t have the strong stomach for confrontation and trolling, but at the same time, I do accept that people are entitled to speak their mind, which is why commenting here is more or less open, save for the first comment, which is moderated.

At the same time, in comparing the two bloggers, I also noticed that unlike them, I don’t have a strong opinion on anything other than the realization that everyone has a preference that deserves to be respected. I tend to write about acceptance of differences, whether it be due to personal tastes or cultural nuances, as a running theme in this blog.

Of course, that isn’t to say that I won’t have a strong opinion in the future,  but knowing myself, I might temper my reaction as I see things from more than my point of view. That doesn’t always make for interesting reading and, if the goal of this blog is to have more readers and commenters, is not a surefire way to get the desired outcome.

At the same time, though, I’m reminded that Stropp of Stropp’s World and Ysharros of Stylish Corpse have already sent me messages on Twitter about being interesting. Stropp advises me to just be myself, and Ysharros tells me that I already am interesting (and that I should “be, not do).

In which case, I shall simply be Victor Stillwater, the blogger and the person behind the blogger. And I, both the persona and the person, want to send this out to Tobold and Syncaine: the two of you are different but wonderful people, and if you can get along in the long run, then it would be a better thing for the MMO blogosphere to have.

Also, just because I might want to look back at this in the future, there are now tags for Syncaine and Tobold on this blog. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Self-Reflection Inspired by Tobold and Syncaine

  1. Call me cynical, but I know one thing: blog “feuds” are great for the readerships of both blogs.

    Not saying it’s a stunt, just saying that picking on each other is cheap, easy, AND gets readers. What’s not to love?

    I don’t do much more than skim either of those blogs. /shrug

  2. heh; they should be happy people comment; shows people are atleast reading their blogs.. i barely get one a month; and can’t figure out whether there is a tracker on blogspot to see if anyone comes by 😛 lol

    • Heyo. Just read your comment and approved it. 🙂

      Can’t you install trackers or something? I’m not too knowledgable about that, sadly. 🙁

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