Thicken Regular Victor Stillwater’s Skin Through Mean-Spirited Trolling

Negative Victor here. Apparently, the combined emo of an entire lifetime sucked out the energy from regular Victor’s body, summoning me into this world filled with what appears to be ponies and kittens. In my world, kittens and ponies are anthropomorphic beasts that seek to eat the other in an attempt at cultural and gastronomic dominance. In other words, my world is hardcore.

Unfortunately, if I keep getting summoned here, I won’t be able to eat said ponies and kittens as part of the third, ultimate faction of humans who don’t care which other faction dies, so long as they’re delicious.  So I need you to thicken the emo bastard’s skin as an experiment.

I’d like the readers of this blog to unleash their viciousness upon Regular Victor and troll this entry repeatedly, filling it with hurtful words, personal insults, and attacks on his mother’s dignity as a human being. If you’ve ever had a gripe or felt hatred towards someone, unleash it upon Victor, because he probably knows the person via the six degrees of Eggs and Bacon (who the fuck is Kevin Bacon?!). Imagine that he hates your favorite video games,  eats your food, and sucks your soul in your sleep (because he probably does). In general, if you hate Negative Victor (THAT’S ME MOFOS) then hate him, because of the awakening of infinite possibilities that he has to be a dickwad.

If he thickens his skin and doesn’t summon me again, then I win. If he kills himself and never summons me through a torrent of emo again, then I still win.

Just do me a favor, and keep him the fuck away from me.

-Negative Victor Stillwater

6 thoughts on “Thicken Regular Victor Stillwater’s Skin Through Mean-Spirited Trolling

  1. Regular Victor = win! Negative Victor = troll!

    I don’t do insults and I’m waaaaay too undercaffeinated to think up any witty ones. I shall thus fall back on the old standby:

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

    So what happened, anyway? Concerned readers demand to know!

  2. Er, uh… I find you to have the general disposition of a cantankerous old codger with a commensurate level of gaming ability to boot?

    Sorry, I’m no good at trolling…

    That hamster and elderberry thing that the other guy said… yeah.

    That’s gotta smart…

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