Introducing the Turbine Bros. *cue Mario Music*


Another big bit of news out on the internet this morning (or evening depending on where you are) is the acquisition of Turbine Inc. by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Found out about it through twitter, strangely enough, as opposed to regular online gaming news media.

What does this mean for Turbine’s games? Why, I have no idea. It could mean a restructuring is in order, or they could infuse the company with oodles of cash to make a new MMO or even a social game, or they could make a video game about two brothers who are trying to save a princess from some nasty anthropomorphic reptiles.

That last one hasn’t been done before, by my reckoning, so if they do try something like that, I’d like royalties for the original concept of the Ultra Turbine Bros. Deluxe.

Also, this entire post? Just an excuse to put the cute picture I found above. Cheers!

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