Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

While I’ve yet to learn how to turn off the horse from showing up (so I look like I’m running really fast instead of walking), I did manage to complete my second heritage quest yesterday.

The quest, known as The Return of the Light, had me running around the Commonlands hunting stuff down to increase the power of a Lightstone I had acquired from killing a Lightbringer Wisp. With some help from the noble Maltheas to complete one of the portions of the quest, I was able to earn myself a Greater Lightstone, which has the powers mentioned above. Also, it happens to be a light source, so it looks as if I’m always glowing.

Another thing I’m happy for is that I was lucky enough to win my very first Pig Race on the Village of Shin. I was exceedingly lucky, I suppose, seeing as it was my first time, and I had less than 30 seconds to buy a ticket to see who would win.