Opinions on Blizzard’s Real ID: A Link List

I’m not the intended audience of Blizzard’s Real ID system, as I’m not a paying customer of Blizzard and don’t really have any plans of coming back to the game, barring some insatiable primal need to play a Worgen. As such, feedback from myself would be largely ineffectual.

There are, however, other people who have made their stance known, and whether or not they are paying customers, their ideas ought to be read, understood and respected.

In other words, here are a set of links to various communities and sites discussing the Real ID forum system news in some detail.

News Tidbits:

Wow.com’s coverage of the news, which also includes word of a security flaw that exposes your Real ID without your permission, as well as some clarifications on the Real ID Forum system.

From the Blogroll:

Hellmode’s take on the subject, which pretty much encompasses all the sentiments I currently have regarding the system.

MMO Gamer Chick’s ideas on the matter.

Tobold’s thoughts.

A short post on Kill Ten Rats which, while funny, may be a portent of the future.

Outside the Blogroll:

Hunter’s Insight has some ideas, as well as a joke about Mike Hawk, whoever that is.

Scott Jennings of Broken Toys has a seemingly calm post that has tons of information.

Empowered Fire has more thoughts on this issue.

The Big Bear Butt Blog has some questions and thoughts that are currently answered by the news posts.

The WoW_Ladies LJ Community is abuzz with their own musings on the subject.

Headline: Blizzard and Facebook’s friendly social networking deal launches with ‘Starcraft 2’

A post on Metafilter sums it all up (link goes directly to specific comment in question).

And lastly, The Stoppable Force wants the righteous indignation to stop.

6 thoughts on “Opinions on Blizzard’s Real ID: A Link List

  1. Oh pish! Righteous indignation is much more fun.

    Besides, I don’t believe the calm, calm, it’s all a matter of choice voice right now. A few months ago it was optional. Now it’s not. Who knows what the hell they’ll come up with in a few more months. Breach of privacy = breach of trust = sorry, I’m going to be righteously indignant till the cows come home.

    This kind of thing bugs me as much as people calling me at home to try to sell me something at 9:30 at night. Shockingly enough I do everything I can to avoid that too.

    • Not exactly a big fan of the single posting, new journal thing. But I”m praying to God you’re not spam. 🙂 Read your entry though, and it’s useful from a European perspective. 🙂

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