In 1998, I Wasn’t Playing Starcraft…

Instead I was playing Diablo and having a blast with that particular game. Knowing myself, there was also a good chance I had ended my hiatus from Final Fantasy VII that year and defeated Sephiroth in 1998 instead of when it came out.

This isn’t to say I’ve not had any experience playing Starcraft or other RTS games. In truth, I have tried Starcraft, but I consistently failed the game on easy after trying multiple times to get past certain stages that I figured it wasn’t worth it to see the story.  I also had a brief dalliance with Batlle Realms that ended badly and, more recently, I realized that Warcraft III and Defense of the Ancients was not for me.

My memories of High School are more or less fuzzy, unfortunately, as those were times I aimed to forget more than anything else.

What about you? What were you doing in 1998? Besides playing Starcraft, I mean.

3 thoughts on “In 1998, I Wasn’t Playing Starcraft…

  1. I was playing Diablo AND StarCraft II AND WarCraft II AND Final Fantasy VII AND Command & Conquer: Red Alert AND Star Control 3 tee hee!

    Then again, 1998 was the Compuworks period for me, so there was definitely a LOT of gaming going on in my life.

  2. Yeah, I was playing Diablo as well. I am I guess in the minority that hates both Starcraft and Warcraft rts’.

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