Gamers Fight Back at Kaneohe Robbery


Not the smartest thing to do when being robbed, but I’m taking note of this now as the coverage seems to change somewhat depending on where you check. Compare the video above, to the video available at KHON2 News.

Personally, the idea of a gamer attacking his assailants after they tried to take his Nintendo DS (KHON2 coverage) seems interesting. Sadly, the KHON2 coverage also notes that the people who were caught were released pending an investigation. At least you can say they’re blacklisted from the store since they were actual patrons of the place and left all their personal information at the store during previous visits.

Source: Kotaku

1 thought on “Gamers Fight Back at Kaneohe Robbery

  1. i was gonna post this vid on my site! 😛 lol
    i don’t think blacklisting people is good enuf in this case; can’t they sue for assault, robbery, and destruction of property?

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