Recettear’s Magic Numbers (SPOILER ALERT!)

So I’ve been playing Recettear a lot and have generally noticed that for most people, the game can be a pain in the ass on the first playthrough. Let me alleviate that somewhat (and potentially lengthen the time you spend in your first playthrough) by giving you a tip regarding Recettear’s magic numbers.

I was looking through Carpe Fulgur’s Recettear forums and found this little tips and tricks guide for people to use. Now, I read everything, and it’s basically meant for people trying the demo, but in a nutshell, there’s some really good information on the optimum price you should use to increase the level and budget of your shoppers.

Basically, what you’ll want to do is make sure that you always sell at 104% of base price and buy items from people in your shop at 70% of base price. According to the author of the guide, doing this increases the chances of getting Merchant Level experience bonuses with each sale/purchase (these would be those BONUS and JUST PIN notices on the left side of the screen). Specifically, 95% of the time, they will accept your offer.

What’s so great about this? Well, while you’re selling for lower than Tear advises, this is the most efficient way of accruing Merchant Level experience and increasing the available budget of all your shoppers. With higher levels, you can purchase more expensive items from the market and Merchant Guild and with a higher shopping budget, shoppers are more likely to purchase all the expensive stuff you just bought from the city.

This’ll be useful all the way till you hit Merchant Level 50, which is the final level in which you get a new power from advancing your Merchant Level.

I’m still looking around for ways to make my Recettear gaming experience less of a burden on my math-addled mind, so if you come across interesting links or observations, let me know. And to the folks out in Twitterland who happen to see this, if you could remind me to take screenshots from my gameplay, I’d appreciate it.

Capitalism, ho!