Anime Recommendation: Bakuman

An manga/anime series about making manga isn’t exactly what you’d think of as an action-packed sort of topic for writing a story about. It was, however, rather rare and deserving of a look-see, so I jumped in and found myself enjoying it quite a bit.

The story is, as of seven episodes in (of a 25 episode show), rather light, and actually passes through quite a bit of time. It’s about two junior high school students, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi who team up to create manga in order to have one of their works be turned into an anime. The hook (for me, personally) is the fact that Moritaka ups the ante of this whole deal of becoming a manga artist and getting an anime adaptation by proposing (rather haphazardly I might add) to his long-time crush Azuki, who wants to become a voice actress, that should they actually get an anime adaptation of their manga they would get married.

SHE AGREES, and they’re all like “OMG” and I’m all like “Damn… this is so weird but I want to see how it turns out.”

And so, I’ve been watching the development of Moritaka and Akito’s attempts at making manga, from learning how to use pens are write the stories, to submitting their first manuscript to Shonen Jack, the manga publisher of this universe. During all of this, we watch the rather cheesy, yet utterly romantic, exchanges between Moritaka and Azuki, who have not spoken to each other verbally since the day he proposed his deal.

As of episode seven, they are now sitting next to each other in class, sending each other written notes or doodles to know each other better. Also, it appears the manga-making duo now have a rival from another province to deal with, as well as a deadline to catch up to if they want to send an entry in for the Tezuka Award for Manga, a real-life manga award.

If you’re interested in a bit of romance with your manga-making, or at least love the premise of slice of life anime, you’d do well to look for this show online or through whatever means you can think of.


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