What is Final Fantasy Type-0?

Over on Siliconera is an article about a trademark for something called Final Fantasy Type-0 (zero).

The speculation over at Siliconera is the FF Type-0 might be the prelude to some big announcement, seeing as this one has both the trademark registration and a logo, whereas Square Enix usually just registers stuff.

Anyway, I have no idea what this could be, but I’m hoping it’s not a mobile game or a prequel to the prequel of Final Fantasy VII or a sequel to XIII.

Feel free to leave your own ideas on what this could be in the comments. As for me, I’m hoping it’s a Typing of the Dead inspired RPG made by the Eidos side of Square Enix… just to make it all interesting.

Something’s Keeping Me From Recommending Rift

Anyone who has seen me online or on the games I play knows that I have an absurd tendency to be fickle in the games I play. If a game cannot sustain my interest, it becomes difficult for me to write about over a long period of time.

It is slowly dawning on me that Rift may potentially be one of those games.

Now, the game is very technically sound (which to me may mean that Perpetuum has a competitor for smoothest MMO launch ever), rifts are engaging set pieces of battle, the idea behind the lore of two opposing factions working against each other to fulfill a similar objective is endearing. The problem is that the game as a whole does not appear to be drawing me in.

Here are my concerns, in the short time I’ve played the game:

1. Too many options (can we even call it options?) in Souls

Simply put, every soul looks viable at the beginning, but in having a three-soul combo of powered up lower-tier talents… does that make you viable as a player in PVE or PVP against someone who’s chosen two souls and specced accordingly?

2. Not enough Quest variety

I know that not every game can give you tasks to complete that will be altogether different from one another. The thing is, there’s got to be an effort to make the quests varied in what you’re supposed to do. I have yet to see that effort in Rift’s questing system.

3. The Path

As it stands, there is a path you must follow to get to the capital cities of the factions, with the quests giving you most of the appropriate experience necessary to level up. The problem is that, coupled with the lack of quest variety, this path will be very boring if you want to make a new character.

4. An X Factor?

Every MMO out there has something that makes it stand out. Whether it’s the crafting system or the public quests or the full loot PVP or the insane quest variety, just about every MMO has an X Factor to make it unique.

Rift, for me, feels generic, like a hodgepodge of different games combined to make something technically superior to other MMOs but without the soul (pardon the pun) to make it come alive.


What does this mean for Rift in my eyes? Well, it’s simple: I’ll still play it when it comes out, but I have to find something really gripping and powerful in the game to let me recommend it to other people.

Rift still has time to refine itself even further, and I’m looking forward to the changes. I just hope that X Factor thing comes out sooner rather than later.