10 Minutes with Angry Birds: Some Impressions

I spent ten minutes earlier playing Angry Birds on the iPod Touch of a friend. The game is available for play on the iPhone or iPod Touch, provided that your device has the proper updates required to play the game.

Angry Birds is a game starring a bunch of differently colored birds who are angry… angry at pigs who apparently have done something wrong. I do not know what these pigs did (probably mass genocide of birds?), but the introductory cutscene-type deal seemed unappealing and cartoony so I skipped it.

Most of the ten minutes I spent playing Angry Birds was actually comprised of listening to my friends tell me about the controls. Apparently, these furious fowl are willing to jump on a slingshot and have someone finger them into position to be released all cannon-like in order to obliterate some pigs. This smacks of many MMORPG tropes, such as the suicide mission trope and the band of heroic fowl trope. By comparison, World of Warcraft and LOTRO both have chickens in them, and I assume they are also rather angry at the misrepresentation of their species as a fowl race.

Much like other MMORPG’s before it, Angry Birds is actually quite the intriguing multiplayer game, but for a different reason entirely. It involves a system of gaming known as “sharing,” which is commonly unheard of in many MMORPG’s as it requires people to relinquish control of the game in order to allow other people equal time in completing or failing objectives. That said, the addition of a sort of ranking system to determine who should best be set in the sharing roster may become an intriguing development for the game, should its developers decide to implement it, as it opens up an entirely new metagame that can enthrall its sizable fanbase into playing.

With that, it can be said that Angry Birds is one of the most innovative MMORPG’s I’ve had the experience of playing. Despite its lack of a crafting system and its rather lackluster quest implementation, Angry Birds serves as the immutable metaphor for the human spirit, as man, like an Angry Bird, must learn to overcome obstacles together in order to succeed in killing people who want to do other things which you disagree with.


EDIT: For the record, I do not take money from Rovio. They have not paid me to say anything. But I would like some money, so if you could send some my way, that’d be nice, Rovio. 🙂

16 thoughts on “10 Minutes with Angry Birds: Some Impressions

  1. I like how they’re rolling out the content, but part of me wishes they’d take a note from Blizzard and go back and change the starter zones. Maybe put some of the areas under water.

  2. *sigh* So much mis-information.

    The birds are angry cuz the pigs stole their eggs. PIGS LOVE EGGS!!

    And no mention of the holiday expansion pack!!? Or the news that the game has gone multi-platform. That’s very unusual for an MMO, after all. WoW, EVE .. what else is multi-platform? Some crappy java based game maybe.

    Angry Birds came out on the intel and PSN platforms just this week. Doing all these ports was a fowl job but someone did them, and without any stealth nerfs.

    PS: You’ll do anything for candy, won’t you?

  3. how dare you sir, only 10 minutes with a game? You’re not allowed to talk about your first impressions with a game after so little time. You are a blogger and must be held to higher standards!

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