Due for release this year on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

This seems like a good incentive to finish FFXIII to me. Of course, if you hated the Final Fantasy XIII, you’d have reason to skip the sequel entirely.

What did you think of Final Fantasy XIII? Let me know in the comments, so I can debate the merits of Leona Lewis’ voice. :D

News comes from 4gamer.net via Destructoid.


EDIT: Siliconera has an update on this. According to what appears to be 4gamer.net’s Twitter account, a trailer for FFXIII-2 will be made available on January 20.

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5 Responses to Final Fantasy XIII-2 Exists, to be Released This Year

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  2. Tesh says:

    Still haven’t played it, but I own it and keep meaning to play it. Gotta finish Prince of Persia and FFXII first.

    As long as this XIII-2 isn’t the train wreck that X-2 was, I’ll be cheering for it.

  3. Drew says:

    Yeah, FFX-2 was an abberation and should be shot and put out of its misery.

    As I do not own a PS3, sadly, I cannot comment of FF13. :(

  4. arthur1977 says:

    I just finished Final Fantasy XIII monday night around 4am, not bad since I bought the game at launch :P I really love the battle system and graphics! All in all I enjoyed the game and now have to go back and get more trophies (only 39%) before Dragon Age 2 arrives.


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