A Moment of Writing for Rift

Beginning tomorrow, I will have to severely curtail my game playing to finish some school requirements after work hours. This means that I will barely be on for the next few days to play games, though I may be online.

That said, I’ve opted to make a post now about my current adventures in Rift, as I think I’ve found my stride in the game, and I don’t get so dizzy from playing anymore.

My main present is a Guardian Cleric named Stillwater on the Estrael RP-PVE server, and so farmy experiences can be described as either intense or stress-free; intense related to full-scale invasions, but stress-free as it concerns gathering, crafting, and the general ability of my cleric to pound stuff into a bloody pulp.

The Guardian storylines are actually pretty awesome, though I’m wondering about to progress out of the first zone past the starter zone. So far, I’m level 15, and I’ve not needed to move on yet. Fire rifts are fun, and there’s a healthy amount of people who are playing and closing up rifts, but not enough to make my gathering of ore a footrace of epic proportions.

I’m also planning on restarting a mage project, but I’m still on the fence as to what initial souls I should use. I want to make an ice mage, but every spec that uses the Stormcaller as a main seems to recommend using both air and water for full effect. Anyway, no sense thinking about that till my work is done so I’ll figure somethign out when the time comes.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys their leisure time, whatever game or activity you might be engaging in. Cheers!

Either the Power is Fluctuating in My House or I Have Rift Patcher Woes

I seem to be having a problem with the Rift patcher.

You see, there’s a little something known as sleep that I’ve heard is important for people to have to function normally. The thing is, and I don’t know why, but ever since I tried patching the Live Rift Client and leaving my computer on (making sure to conserve power by turning off my monitor and speakers), SOMETHING keeps forcibly restarting my computer.

The thing is, my Windows 7 alert keeps pointing to a problem with my ATI (or is it AMD now?) Graphics Driver, but after patching it to the latest version and then leaving my computer for 15 minutes to eat breakfast, it still ends up rebooting, and I can’t bloody figure out why.

Add to this the horrible way in which the patcher keeps trying to redownload all the information I just picked up when I restart it, and I have used up more than eight hours of electricity trying to patch a game that should have only been missing 2GB of data eight hours ago!

Right now, the patcher says it has 42 minutes to go before finishing, but I’m guessing it’ll still be another hour before I really finish. I only hope everything goes right this time.

Rogues are Great but Cleric Tanks are AWESOME!

I’m generally averse to anything remotely resembling a healing-type class. I found healing in MMOs to be a boring affair of watching bars go down rather than watching the action. I was surprised to learn however, that the Cleric calling of Rift has a dedicated tanking soul, which means that one could essentially play a “warrior that heals himself” as opposed to a warrior that expects people to lay hands on him.

That said, I did my research and played a little bit, and found that I was enjoying myself immensely. I died far less than the warrior who can easily die if he’s not careful, and it fits my solo-loving playstyle enough that is partly due to my working hours at present.

I’m currently testing a Justicar/Shaman/Sentinel build posted here though Tank Telara has recommended the use of a Justicar/Shaman/Purifier build because of the added abilities and wisdom buff, as well as the extra self-use shield that you get from investing 12 points into the tree. These builds will probably be tweaked for launch, since beta 7 changed stuff for the Cleric, I believe, but they should be interesting to play!

What do you folks use, if you run a cleric? Let me know in the comments!

I’m Not Gonna Write Rift a Love Song… Today

Despite being one of the most polished games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, I’m not going to write a love song for Rift.

I can’t explain it really.

I’ve tried the Rogue archetype for beta 6 and found it more enjoyable than the warrior, though my character tended to be somewhat squishy and good with ketchup versus multiple enemies. I enjoyed fighting Rifts, though I longed for a really involving self-contained questline (as opposed to one of the story quests), which didn’t seem to really happen. I thought the invasions were just right: not terribly chaotic, yet chaotic enough to add a wrinkle to the usual questing routine.

I enjoyed my time, and I have a pre-order and three month sub ready to go, and still… I don’t see myself  emotionally invested in it.

I think the thing that bothers me about Rift is that I can’t really find fault with the game and its creators. Nothing’s noticeably broken, and Trion has responded admirably to criticism and comments from all sides in such a way that most of the potential playerbase appears to be satisfied with the general direction of the game, even if some folks from earlier betas (such as Pete of Dragonchasers) are wishing it had the epic feel of betas 2-4.

Maybe it’s too perfect. Or maybe I’m just nitpicking.

Either way, I’m hoping that Rift gets what it deserves in the long-run: a smooth launch, a strong following, and maybe even a love song or two from myself.

But no, I’m not going to write Rift a love song… today. 😀

Tales of Graces F Heading to North America

Namco Bandai has announced that a localization of the PS3 RPG Tales of Graces F is coming to North America.

The news was made known a few hours ago through the unveiling of a Tales of Graces F American website, as well as an official announcement on Facebook.

More information can be found on the Wikipedia Page for the game. In the meantime, I’m saving some money and hoping it gets released in my country as well.


Source: Destructoid

Are Grammar and Spelling a Telling Sign?

On a whim this evening, I went to the Rift forums to see if there were any interesting threads that had new information, and one caught my interest because of something Elementalistly said on Twitter a day before.

Elementalistly was, to put it succinctly, asking folks if one should judge a guild application on the basis of grammar and spelling. While 140 characters doesn’t directly explain everything that needs be said, I imagine that he is looking for a modicum of proficiency or care with the English language to facilitate not only better understanding, but also to weed out people who may not be mature enough to be in the guild he’s setting up for Rift.

Now, I’ll go back to my opinion on the spelling thing in a moment. Let’s go to the forum post now.

The forum post that caught my attention (which may be locked at any moment) is basically a call for help from an amateur writer who wishes to write Rift-based fiction for himself that adheres to the lore of the game.

Now, his grammar isn’t perfect, and I admitted in a comment on the thread that the first reaction I had to the thread was to be annoyed at the title, but then I started reading the thread and realized it wouldn’t help to be mean-spirited. So I did some quick research, found two links, and sent them to him, along with trying to deflect some trolls away from disheartening the original poster.

My line of thinking was simple: I don’t know anything about this poster, and I don’t know what the context of his life is, so who am I to say that his misspellings are intentional, unintentional or a mixture of both? I might as well just answer his points and help him out.

From the way he writes and what information he’s willingly divulged though, I found him to be a rather nice fellow. He has his own set of issues that he’s dealing with, and I wouldn’t have known that if I put him through an intellectual grinder to turn his ego into squishy bits.

Still, people skip to the latest post and miss that, and keep on getting peeved with him or bickering among themselves.

Back to Elementalistly’s Twitter thought now. While I do feel that spelling and grammar are important, I feel the content written by the person and the context of why a person writes a certain way is equally important. You can always have rules that spelling and grammar must be 95% spot-on, but you should also leave contingencies that allow inclusion of people who have good heads on their shoulders rather than exclusion of immature fools.

Of course, that would require a huge paradigm shift in a ton of people to be successful, but it could happen.

In any event, I extended a hand of friendship to the original poster, and offered to help him find more info on the lore of Rift. Making friends rather than pissing people off: that sounds like a good slogan for a positively-powered forum if I ever heard of one. 🙂

Image Source: OK Magazine