A Gallery of Rogues

A Gallery of Rogues: New Halas Edition

Gatecaller Skullcracker

I like killing named monsters. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in taking down something with an actual name when you have the opportunity to do so.

Everquest 2 let me do this a lot better than other games, as the EQ2map addon essentially pinpoints rare spawns for me to kill and loot. Sure, it’s cheating, but when did that damned rare spawn ever give you a break if you were losing a fight, right?

Here are some of the rare spawns you can find and fight in the New Halas portion of the world. There’s a lot more than I expected, and a couple I didn’t even think would exist. I mean, there’s a giant sentient boulder called “The Crushinator” for goodness’ sake, and I even forgot to take a screenshot of that one.  If you want to find the Crushinator though, just look for Gwenevyn’s Cove and the enchanted rocks, then if you spot a big one, that’d be The Crushinator. Cheers.

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