Hyper Video Cast Off

Hyper Video Cast Off: Henshin Heroes Gather Donations in Hong Kong


This is a bit of a heartwarming Kamen Rider-based post to lift the spirits of people out in the Netverse.

Some Kamen Rider cosplayers in Hong Kong spent a full day gathering up donations for Japanese relief while in-costume. The entire video is set to some heartwarming music as well, so it really gave me a nice feeling to watch it, even if I wasn’t there. Cheers!

Hyper Video Cast Off: The Homeless Man With the Golden Voice


Here’s a little dose of awesome for you today, courtesy of the Overly Positive blog. The man in the video above, Ted Williams, used to be a homeless man.

According to this report on the Today Show, it seems someone representing the Cleveland Cavaliers has offered the fellow a job and a house as a result of the above video going viral.

Definitely some good news. đŸ™‚


More Ted Williams coverage-


Full Playlist of the Ted Williams Interview: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bunomous

Hyper Video Cast-Off: Spider-man and his Giant Leopard Robot


A bit of filler for you today. As I was looking for something Harry Potter related, and stumbled across a video I used to have on an old computer. This is the Japanese Spider-man adaptation from 1978, and he has a giant robot who isn’t named Spider-bot or some crazy stuff like that.

OH NO… The robot’s name? Leopardon. That’s right, a giant yellow leopard robot for Spider-man.

After the jump: the full song, from Youtube. Look for wonderful mistranslations of the song in the comments of the two, such as “He toss a genie!” and “Give me a Nazi.” Enjoy!

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