Hyper Video Cast Off

Hyper Video Cast Off: Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright


I’ve never played a Professor Layton game, and I’ve yet to finish any of the Ace Attorney ones as well, but I can’t help but be impressed by the crossover of a puzzle-solving prof and an ace attorney.

Translation of the Audio? You bet!


Source: Destructoid

Hyper Video Cast Off: Dr. Michio Kaku talks Fallout

I own a book penned by renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, and I find it kinda cool to note that he’s so willing to discuss the hypotheticals of video games with people in order to grow an interest in scientific discovery.

In this three-minute GameTrailers video (which I had to place on YouTube to get to embed), you’ll see Dr. Kaku explaining what would happen if nuclear wars did happen, and what the chances are of the world of Fallout invading the real world by our own caprices.


Sources: Kotaku, GameTrailers

Double Hyper Video Cast Off: Fallout’s Orange Colored Sky

If you’re wondering what the background track is, it’s Orange Colored Sky, popularized by Nat King Cole in the 1950s. If I’m correct, the below video should be the best version to compare the Fallout’s Orange Colored Sky to.


Double Hyper Video Cast Off: Monster Forest (or I Wish I was a Drinking Man)

A bit of a backgrounder: I found these videos on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and basically, it’s an informational-advert/softcore cosplay porn video for a free-to-play Online Game, featuring a Singaporean model named Kanny. The game is essentially online Pokemon, and the ad is quite… informative, if not weird.

A better description of Kanny from FivePlayers’ Emily:

You may know Kanny from such Channel 8 hits as Nanny Daddy or “those pictures on your harddrive”. She’s a D-cup Singapore model that looks a bit like a combination of an 8 year old sucked out of Spirited Away and an 18 year old in some kind of Spirited Away-themed straight-to-video gravure title. She’s been hired on as the game’s celebrity GM.

A quick Google search reveals that she also has a public Facebook page and spends way too much time with Monster Forest’s mascot.

Anyway, some videos of Kanny and Monster Forest: