Everquest 2

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

While I’ve yet to learn how to turn off the horse from showing up (so I look like I’m running really fast instead of walking), I did manage to complete my second heritage quest yesterday.

The quest, known as The Return of the Light, had me running around the Commonlands hunting stuff down to increase the power of a Lightstone I had acquired from killing a Lightbringer Wisp. With some help from the noble Maltheas to complete one of the portions of the quest, I was able to earn myself a Greater Lightstone, which has the powers mentioned above. Also, it happens to be a light source, so it looks as if I’m always glowing.

Another thing I’m happy for is that I was lucky enough to win my very first Pig Race on the Village of Shin. I was exceedingly lucky, I suppose, seeing as it was my first time, and I had less than 30 seconds to buy a ticket to see who would win.

Ponying Up Some Platinum and Gathering up a Storm

I was lucky enough to have a brokering spree earlier, selling over 11 platinum worth of items I had found in Kelethin and its surrounding environs. Specifically, I sold off a coin collectible for 6 or so platinum along with various other knick-knacks.

Thanks to all that money, I had enough to shell out for a 40% speed horse mount, whose speed I can augment with my Shadow AA choices. I’ll call my charger Ryuki, which basically means Dragon Rider in Japanese.

Speaking of things of an Asian nature, I found out through my guild about the Isle of Mara, and the Village of Shin. Apparently, I can go there even if it’s a high-level zone, and there’s a quest there called “A Gathering Obsession” that allows me to earn around 17 gold with the  completion of each phase. In a nutshell, I have to go around certain areas scrounging for crafting materials of specific tiers per phase.

My current phase, Phase III, requires me to find gatherables in Nektulos Forest and the Thundering Steppes. Easy enough, I suppose, except for one thing: The Fishing part requires a lot of patience. It’s tough to find nodes underwater, and my speed is reduced when I’m in the drink, making it quite time consuming to do. Nevertheless, I’m committed to seeing this adventure through to its final phase… all for a cloak that makes me an even better gatherer.

The things I do for adventure, I guess!

Kidnapped, A Rap by DJ Yang Chow

*to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Yeah, google and Youtube that sucker*

Now this is a story all about how

My life got flipped, turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there

And tell you how I became kidnapped and filled up with fear.

In the Northwest Steppes, I was killing some hawks

Near some damned gnolls, where I stole all their socks

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

And all shooting some centaurs outside of school.

When a couple  of gnolls, who were up to no good,

Started making trouble in my neighborhood.

I got into one little fight

And my mom got scared

She said, “These gnolls are taking you to their damned Splitpaw Lair.”

I fought my way out and when it came near,

I took a couple of pictures for me to just share.

If anything I could say this terraporter was rare

But I said, “Nah, forget it, Take me the f*ck outta here”

I pulled up to a Bell about Seven or Eight

And yelled to my feet, “Yo Homes, Smell ya Later.”

Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there

To sit on my throne as the prince of the Lair.


Yes, this is a horrible rap. My muse, she is insane.

A Sarnak in Dwarven Clothing

I completed my first Heritage Quest in EQ2 earlier today. It was called In Honor and Service, and had me running around Kelethin and its environs trying to find Dwarven Ringmail plans that seemed to have been taken by orcs.

For my valor in battle, and my hasty retreat away from Crushbone Keep, I was presented a set of Dwarven Ringmail of my own. I don’t have a picture of myself wearing it (Trying to figure out how to rotate the view so I can see my front and take a screenie. Ideas?), but I must say, the ability to turn it into a furniture item is pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that it doesn’t actually become a suit of armor in your home, but rather another treasure chest, so I think I’ll be keeping mine until I outlevel its usefulness. That additional 1% crit sounds delicious, even if it does mean sacrificing a little bit of armor.

I’ll post a screenshot from the character screen when I have time later. Cheers.

A Gallery of Rogues: New Halas Edition

Gatecaller Skullcracker

I like killing named monsters. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in taking down something with an actual name when you have the opportunity to do so.

Everquest 2 let me do this a lot better than other games, as the EQ2map addon essentially pinpoints rare spawns for me to kill and loot. Sure, it’s cheating, but when did that damned rare spawn ever give you a break if you were losing a fight, right?

Here are some of the rare spawns you can find and fight in the New Halas portion of the world. There’s a lot more than I expected, and a couple I didn’t even think would exist. I mean, there’s a giant sentient boulder called “The Crushinator” for goodness’ sake, and I even forgot to take a screenshot of that one.  If you want to find the Crushinator though, just look for Gwenevyn’s Cove and the enchanted rocks, then if you spot a big one, that’d be The Crushinator. Cheers.

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Someday, Shader 3.0 Will Be Perfect…

I'll be using Shader 1.0 in the meantime. 😀

Till that day comes, however, expect me to keep tabs on it as SOE improves the feature and makes sure it works as intended, little by little.

That said, here’s a bit of new info posted on The EQ2 Wire about Shader 3.0. According to the report, a hotfix should be available in the coming weeks to address issues as well as improve the framerate of the game when using Shader 3.0. Hopefully, the ever wonderful OpenEdge will still be playing by then, so I can help him along if he ever shows up on Lucan D’Lere.

In the meantime folks, hang tight.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes folks, if you checked my Twitter, it’s true. Maltheas (Arkenor of Ark’s Ark) is in the picture, somewhere, and is evidenced by the fact that I was chatting to him while he was leading me somewhere. Good luck finding him though, as he’s very small and sneaky. 😛

More Shader 3.0 Screenies and Some EQ2 Issues

I’m not sure why, but if it isn’t one issue plaguing my play of an MMO, it’s another. This time, if it’s not zoning issues pushing me out of the game, it’s the game hanging up on me (presumably, this would be a game crash, as my computer still works and I can type this).

After a rather tiresome repetition of quests, I managed to turn my Shadowknight into a Paladin, and am literally just a short walk away from becoming a citizen of New Halas. Were it not for the crashing and the zoning issues, everything would actually be fine and dandy.  Thank goodness I have good friends who help me through all this! 😀

In any event, I’m going to take a break from playing and just focus on the good stuff: More Shader 3.0 Screenshots for you all. Enjoy!

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Some Preliminary Screenshots of Shader 3.0

I’m currently trying to find a good vantage point to make really nice screenshots, but I can’t seem to find anything at the moment. I have Shader 3.0 enabled, and, if you’ll check previous entries in the Everquest 2 Tag or category, you should find some older screenshots using Shader 1.0.

Granted, these screenshots aren’t exactly indicative of anything awesome, so take these as you will. Personally, I don’t see much difference other than better looking armor and a oilier-looking face, as I’m not that good at discerning the difference between the two unless I have a lot of side-by-side comparisons, but maybe you can see what the big diff is with Shader 1 and Shader 3.

Because I Promised OpenEdge…

I had a bit of a weird time trying to figure out why Sony’s Station Launcher wouldn’t actually launch, and I figure that it may have been caused by some bad connection problems from my ISP… which makes no sense to me, but hell, it’s working now. That said, I have a month’s sub to Everquest 2, so I’m planning an excursion to New Halas by turning my Sarnak Shadowknight into a Paladin.

I’ve got the basic gist of the actions lined up, and I’ve already become an exile to haven. All I need now is to meet someone in the Commonlands so I can sabotage Freeport and get my standing up with Qeynos so I can move forward and become a good guy, THEN turn my character’s citizenship into that of the Halasian.

Related to this, I promised OpenEdge (of In Between the RPG) pictures of Everquest 2 running on Shader 3.0. Thing is, I can’t seem to find the option to enable Shader 3.0, so I’m asking you folks for information.

If you know where to find the actual thing I need to check on to get it to work, lemme know.

Anyway, it seems the game is about to undergo maintenance, so I might as well get some sleep now and wake up ready for gaming. Cheers!