Warhammer Online

Now I Remember Why I Left WAR…

I’m not giving up on Warhammer Online’s trial just yet, but I’m finding myself in a bit of a situation with the game.

I can’t seem to aim properly or target things as needed.  What this means is that, whenever I’m in a Scenario like Nordenwatch or Talabec Dam, I have BIG trouble. I can aim for one person, then I lose that person in the ensuing mass of people that come to attack me, and I don’t get any kills off because I can’t find my target amongst the chaos and position myself accordingly.

In a nutshell, I don’t know how to be an effective Choppa or Black Orc, and it’s getting to me. Any pointers out there from WAR players? I can’t in good conscience give this game a month of my money if I can’t play the class I want to play properly.

Also, have they resolved the billing issues, or are the multiple charges thing still happening to people, or was that a one-time occurrence on multiple accounts?

Game by Night Brings Help to WAR Players

Game by Night has a great post up detailing some of the various ways WAR players can go about resolving the billing issue with Mythic Entertainment.

If you’re a WAR player who lives in America, then this is probably the most helpful resource you’ll need to get your issue resolved with the utmost haste. For players outside the United States, you may want to weigh the long distance charges ahead of you if you follow some of the steps outlined by Chris of Game by Night, and perhaps simply resign yourself to the waiting game if nothing else can be done.

Anyway, best of luck to all the WAR players out there. If you have the time, you may want to go to Game by Night yourself and drop a comment on the post if your issue is being resolved more quickly.


People are understandably upset with Mythic at the moment for what appears to be an error in their billing system that caused people with credit cards attached to their accounts  to be charged multiple times.

While this is a tad bit scary, among other adjectives I could use, Scarybooster pointed out something that may be important for us to think about in a time when our knee-jerk reactions are bound to take effect: it might be the fault of  their billing system, which may not be in Mythic’s hands, but in Electronic Arts’.

While Mythic definitely needs to fix this issue with the utmost haste, I feel for them immensely. They’re trying hard to win a customer base, and then this happens. It’s a shame, really.

Someone get the WAAAAAGH-MBULANCE, because WAR needs some medical attention, stat!

Picture Source: Firegeezer.Com

Sidetracked by Second Chances

Remember that post on Second Chances? Yeah, well, I’m still downloading AOC, and out of curiosity, I did a bit of research into what exists in the other MMO I played at launch and left within a month: Warhammer Online.

According to my research, they’ve improved the game considerably, adding new classes as well as new content, all while improving the game’s stability. Of course, it’s a PVP centric game, which really isn’t my thing, but since they have an endless trial it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, I suppose.

So here’s the current situation. I can play EQ2, or stop playing for a little while, try out AOC (as a conqueror) and WAR (as a Black Orc and Choppa) trials when I feel like it, and then pick a sub for a month for one of the three to see what I can do with it. That sounds like a pretty weird plan, but it’s a plan nevertheless.

If you have any ideas for other MMOs I should try, let me know.