World of Warcraft

Making Money is a Pain in the Buttocks

I have no business sense and horrible luck or timing.

I mean, I should be selling more glyphs now than ever, but the prices on Nagrand Oceanic have gotten unbearably low that I probably lose money on most glyphs I make when I recheck the AH. Worse still, the actual glyphs I do want to make for my Death Knight are locked behind Northrend Inscription Research as well as Minor Inscription Research, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get myself the proper glyphs to power up my character since the ones available are the high-priced ones.

For instance, Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon, if I had it, could sell for 200 Gold, but it’s not showing up on the daily inscription research.

Sigh.. I want money so bad so I can get the final Flight Speed increase and finance my future goblin hunter.

Hells Fury Attempts to Enter Heroic Magister’s Terrace… AND FAILS!

The Trouble with Nameplates


So one of the level 80 death knights of the guild I’m in (named above) was asking guild members if anyone wanted to help him clear Heroic Magister’s Terrace. Since I’d never been there, I decided to join him.

When I got to Magister’s Terrace, however, I found out that I wasn’t able to enter the heroic version because I hadn’t finished the regular version of the instance yet. That said, my guildie ran me through the regular instance, though I wasn’t able to practice tanking because of his level 80 DPS. In comparison, I’m a level 74 tank.

Our druidic Guild Leader and another druid from the guild offered to join us on a Heroic run, only we found out that the second druid wasn’t also attuned to Heroic Mode, so we ran MT a second time… only this second time, said druid failed to get the quest from the Dragon guy (yes, I forgot his name, Kalegcos, I think?) that enabled Heroic Magister’s Terrace.

So we ran it a third time, and we finally got everything to drop properly.

When we came in to try and run the heroic Magister’s Terrace though, we got locked out for some reason.

Still, it was tons of fun. I mean, it’s rare that I see three level 80 folks coming along on a run for a hawkstrider mount! I hope we can do it again sometime, as it was definitely an interesting experience.

First Time Tanking Blues

This is basically going to be a slightly edited repost and update of something I wrote last night and posted on a WoW LJ community, but I did mention on Twitter that I would share it here, so here it goes.

I found this page during a google search for info on the nexus instance and this gave me some idea of what to expect when I got in there.

Because my guildmates were busy or gone at the time (it was midnight server time, and there were only three of us), I wasn’t able to ask any of them to help me out with training, so I just decided to jump in. Thing is, when I did a dungeon finder queue as a tank, I was basically Ready-Checking five seconds after I signed up. That was amazing, and slightly worrying at the same time.

Some notes: Nexus Run, I’m level 73 Tauren DK (Blood Spec) with around 16-17k health at that point depending on what buffs and cooldowns I used.

I told the newly formed group that I was new to tanking, and one of them mentioned that such did not inspire confidence in the run. That was foreshadowing, sadly.

First mob: I lag severely and everything stutters and stops, and I disconnect. Thank goodness there was a warrior there who helped them out while I disconnected.

First wing was generally okay for trash, tanking wise. Thing is, I didn’t know that they were all GOGOGO kinda people, and I was stopping after fights so the healers (priest was Dungeon Guide, plus a moonkin druid I believe) could regain mana for healing purposes. It wasn’t till we neared Telestra that I found out that they were kinda getting antsy, so the warrior in the group started initiating some of the other trash fights.

We defeated Telestra, and I finished one of the quests (finding Berinand’s Research notes – completed quest reward above), but I’m guessing that I was too slow, so the healer/Dungeon Guide said he had to go and left the party.

Problem: I didn’t see the message till after I had engaged an enemy (connection flared up again) and basically wiped the party, with two others (the druid and the warrior) dropping the party in what I would assume to be disgust.

Releasing my spirit, I ended up back in the Transitus Shield, where people started joining in again in the dungeon run, but I was so disappointed in myself that I left the party since just about everyone else except one guy remained in the original party.

Strange thing though, right after the Telestra fight, he said my tanking wasn’t bad… but I was taking too long between fights that buffs would be wasted, which is why they were moving so quickly. Sadly, his name was difficult to spell and remember, so I never got to apologize to him for leaving, though I don’t know if I can even add friends from another server to talk to them. 🙁

Anyway, that’s my story. I’m trying to improve, but for a first time tanking experience, I felt absolutely awful, not only about the wipe, but also about the miscommunication that I wasn’t able to remedy. I’m hoping I can do better next time, but that experience really stressed me out on an emotional level and I’m still trying to figure out how else I can improve my tanking but also my conduct for partying in the future since I just dropped party without saying a word to the one guy who was actually relatively supportive of me during the whole fiasco.

Thanks to the folks on the community on Livejournal that I posted on, I got a lot of tips and a ton of emotional support for my endeavors with tanking. I want to do my role well, and I won’t give up!

That said, if you have any Death Knight tanking tips, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Neuroticism Beckons: Tanking with Steelwater

Alright, so I’ve gotten it into my head that the best way for me to be able to contribute to my guild and to be sufficiently useful come endgame in Cataclysm is to switch from Frost DPS to Blood Tanking and to learn how to tank using Steelwater, my Tauren Death Knight.

The trouble, however, is that my neuroticism is getting the better of me and I end up being afraid to use the dungeon finder in order to learn how to tank. I’m already level 73, which is basically exactly the top level needed for regular Nexus or Utgarde Keep, and I can muster around 17,000 health if I use all my special abilities.

I can’t seem to find a strategy guide that loads on my computer, possibly due to my connection. That’s a shame though, because I’d like to try tanking an instance before the evening’s up using the dungeon finder.

I now have to find both the knowledge to win the fight, and the courage to actually get up and fight. Otherwise, I’ve already lost before I’ve even begun.

On Not Knowing How to Play Your Class

While this was originally a World of Warcraft-related thought, I realized it could also apply to any game with sufficient raiding or dungeon-delving mechanics.

I do not know how to play my class.

I mean, sure, I can kill stuff with my death knight, and probably will be able to kill stuff with my hunter come Cataclysm, but after mulling it over, I kind of noticed that throughout all my time playing MMORPG’s, I’ve never gotten far enough into a game to experience the furthest reaches of endgame content.

Now there are reasons for that happening which I’ll touch upon in a different post, but the fact remains: I am a newbie to raiding. I’ve never seen Ragnaros nor Onyxia, nor have I seen Illidan or Arthas, and am woefully undergeared in any case. But I want to experience all that delicious content in the future, which is why I’m intrigued by the fanbase of WoW.

There are raid tutorial videos , rotations, theorycrafting strategies, and all sorts of other information available for people. At the same time, as a Death Knight DPSer and potential off-tank, I have to wonder how I’ll survive the Cataclysm, seeing as everything will be new again, and I’ll need time to relearn my class.

I want to become better and enjoy the game. However, I dislike the stress involved in these situations where people get angry at you for not knowing where to stand or who to kill. Hopefully, Cataclysm will introduce more tolerance and patience in people who are learning how to raid.

All Roads Lead to Level 80, but Which is the Scenic Route?

I spent two days off playing World of Warcraft so I could better enjoy myself instead of burning out on leveling Steelwater, my Death Knight. Right now, he’s at level 70, and I just realized that I never actually went through all the Wrath zones, because I hit level 80 and stopped playing after getting the Engineering Flying Mount on my old Hunter.

Thing is, since I’m new to playing Horde, I have no idea what the progression of zones ought to be for a Death Knight in this case, and my neuroticism is acting up again.

Which zones give good rewards for Dual-wielding Frost Death Knights? Which allows me to make good reputation gains faster with important people (like the Kalu’ak!). How much is Cold Weather Flying? WHAT DO I DOOOOO?!

True, all roads lead to level 80, but I’m not sure which route to take: the expedient path, or the scenic route?

Can anyone offer me some advice or direction? Right now, I’m trying to just hit friendly with the Consortium folks in Netherstorm.


P.S. Yes, the picture does state that a Water Elemental beat a boss. I don’t know why…

World of Warcraft’s Forced Elemental Incursions

I’m not quite sure when Blizzard added this particular event in, but it’s interesting to note that people everywhere are going to find out one way or another that something is up in Azeroth.

One thing we normally forget during our play in games is that not everyone is an avid news reader or follower of blogs, so an in-game event is probably the best way to get the message across that a game is afoot.

Specifically, some forced elemental incursions are incoming, and it’s up to you to stop the doomsayers from getting their way.

Spoilers after the jump, folks.

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Everything Old (World) is New for Once

I think one of the nice things about never really investing in playing both sides of the faction game of WoW is that most of everything in Horde-side World of Warcraft is still new to me.

Sure, I might never be able to visit all the important zones before cataclysm strikes, but it’s nice to see some of the zone progression for the undead side as a Blood Elf warlock, and I’m enjoying my time with my Tauren Death Knight immensely (lack of herbalism profession ability notwithstanding).

I’m excited to see how the world will change for everyone once Cataclysm hits, and I look forward to re-experiencing the Azerothian zones on a Goblin hunter when the time comes.

How about you guys? Have you ever felt a renewed sense of fun from playing something a bit differently?

Linkpost: Two WoW-Related Posts That Made Me Smile

I was going through my feed reader and through assorted WoW blogs and recently found two really good entries that struck me as rather poignant given the situation with patch 4.0.1 and its nest of bugs.

The first, by Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn details a rather humorous slice of WoW interaction among a bunch of folks who are waiting for a sacrificial lamb to interact with the Headless Horseman’s pumpkin head to begin an event.

For those who don’t know about it, there’s a good chance that even putting your mouse on the tooltip for the Headless Horseman will forcibly disconnect you from the game, which makes the whole entry seem like an extended game of chicken, or an new scene from Waiting for Godot.

Next up, we have Chris from Game by Night, with an article that really made me wonder if the corporate atmosphere at Blizzard has changed so drastically, to the detriment of the game-playing public.

In it, he cites, the latest WoW patch as an example of Blizzard not following their old mantra of releasing something when it’s ready, and instead acting like other companies who have to hotfix or repatch their games in order to fix any brokenness that has occurred.

Needless to say, whether or not the situation outlined in Chris’ post is true, it can’t be denied that something is changing in Blizzard, and it may not be a good thing.

All I Want to Do is Pick Some Herbs

While this post will not be primarily in capslock, imagine a voice that gets steadily louder and more strained with each line.

All I want to do is pick herbs.

I even have +15 Herbalism because I’m a Tauren.

You took that away from me with some professions glitch that kills my ability to pick herbs.

Stupid me deletes my profession from its low standing to try and build it up again.

10 hours later, I’ve leveled it up to 326.

The next day, however, you turn my life upside down by glitching my professions again!

This time, it’s not just that I can’t pick herbs… you’re now also giving me grand master Herbalism status instead of master status, as if that makes any sense when I CAN’T PICK ANY EFFING HERBS!

Next thing you know, you’ll be removing my ability to inscribe for a second time, when I worked so hard to make it reach it’s current 200++ skillpoint state.