Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Exists, to be Released This Year

Due for release this year on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

This seems like a good incentive to finish FFXIII to me. Of course, if you hated the Final Fantasy XIII, you’d have reason to skip the sequel entirely.

What did you think of Final Fantasy XIII? Let me know in the comments, so I can debate the merits of Leona Lewis’ voice. šŸ˜€

News comes from via Destructoid.


EDIT: Siliconera has an update on this. According to what appears to be’s Twitter account, a trailer for FFXIII-2 will be made available on January 20.

The Fall or theĀ Fantasy?

I’ve still got two days to go on my trial, so I won’t post my impressions yet, but I will give you a status update at the least.

I still have 10 hours of newbie protection, so I’ve been using it to explore the nearby starter surroundings.

I’m now in a guild called the Dark Hand of Valor. They apparently have two holdings in the Northeastern Region of the Darkfall Map, and my starter area is on Slightly North of the Central Western Region of the Map. That’s a long freaking run, but I’m excited to make a break for it once newbie protection wears off.

Anyway, here’s the main conundrum for today, and my future purchases may be swayed by your arguments below.

Basically, I have enough saved up money for either a three-month sub to Darkfall or Final Fantasy XIII. Both cost approximately 60$. However, they are vastly different games that appeal to different parts of my personality.

Darkfall currently appeals to a streak of bloodlust and competitiveness I never knew I had, along with a social aspect, which is being in a clan. Final Fantasy XIII appeals to my tried and true personality, which likes storytelling and semi-linear game mechanics to tell that story.

Note that my ideas towards both are mostly favorable, and I’m keeping an open mind towards either game. Place your choice in the comments along with which game you’d side with, and let me see if your persuasive powers will sway me! šŸ˜€

Final Fantasy XIIIā€™s Theme Songs Can ChangeĀ Feelings


I was on YouTube a few minutes ago, and decided to watch the Japanese and American versions of what looks to be theĀ  latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. For the most part, they have the same scenes (edited to be in different portions of the video), but use Japanese or English voices in the video, as well as a different theme song depending on the release. Japanese gamers got Sayuri Sugawara’s Kimi Ga Iru Kara (Because You’re Here), while Westerners (and non-Japanese speaking Asians like myself) will listen to Leona Lewis’ My Hands.

Now, above is the Western version of the trailer. At the link here is the official Square Enix channel and the Japanese trailer.

My question is, do you think the fundamental changes to the editing, the use of a different language and voice set, and the inclusion of different theme songs change the overall feeling of the video? I think the differences force a change in one’s feeling towards the video, though I find it to be mostly due to the change in music.

For instance, without paying attention to the lyrics (or the translation to the lyrics), Leona Lewis’ version sounds more somber at the beginning, and then ends up feeling very triumphant during the chorus portions. In contrast, Sugawara’s version feels as if someone is constantly reaching out to me in a continuous, determined way.

At least, that’s how I feel about the whole thing. I don’t think either surpasses the other, but they bring about the same feeling of excitement for the game, even though they go through different ways of getting there.

Of course, I could plug in a different pair of variables here. For instance, an MMO battle using EQ2 music and that same battle played but using a symphonic version of Don’t Stop Me Now. Personally, I’d be inclined to listen to the symphonic version of the Queen classic in that case, but that’s my taste. šŸ™‚

Blogging from the Future!

From Kamen Rider Decade Episode 1

Hi folks,

This is Victor Stillwater, coming to you live from the future. Present Victor is currently indisposed as he was/is writing a paper on the possible effects of dividing by zero and was/is thus stuck in the fabric of space-time between parallel universes. For that reason, instead of the brand-spanking new computer I was supposed to use in December 11, 2010, I am instead using our reliable gaming computer from 2009, which is a dedicated Windows XP machine.


I just wanted to update folks on what’s been happening to me, Future Victor, in the year so since the time-space warping or possible reality distortion of Present Victor.Ā  It’s been a pretty exciting year for gamers, what with the many great releases and other life-altering events that occurred since… well, I’m not even sure if there is a “since,” given that I may be from an alternate future reality. Who knows, really?

Anyway, after resubscribing to Lord of the Rings Online, I spent a good couple of months just enjoying the content, trying to get myself to 65. Apparently, Present Victor’s gamble paid off, and there was a Christmastime discount on subscriptions and Mirkwood, so I got to enjoy Mirkwood for a little while.

I also learned to juggle multiple games. I’m not a multi-tasker but for some reason, when February rolled around, and White Knight Chronicles came out for the PS3, I knew I had to learn how to adapt to multiple awesome releases, especially since Final Fantasy XIII would come out four weeks later.Ā  I did manage to finish White Knight Chronicles and skirmish my heart out in LOTRO, just in time for Final Fantasy XIII’s release, and I can safely say, Final Fantasy XIII’s storyline is just as good, if not better than Final Fantasy VII’s, thanks to the inclusion of Day One DLC for Final Fantasy XIII: Sephiroth.

Of course, I had to take a change in subs as I was extremely curious about Final Fantasy XIV, which came out a week ago in Future Victor time. It’s still got some of the nagging issues of requiring some miniscule amount of grinding, but crafters will rejoice, as it manages to enhance the crafting system found in EVE Online and Fallen Earth by allowing people to queue up items to be created through an online application that can be accessed through internet-capable phones.Ā  Best of all, in Final Fantasy XIV, you don’t even need to store items in your inventory to create them! Just log out near a bank and you can craft using anything you have in your inventory AND in your bank vault.

Sadly, I, Future Victor, never got to play Fallen Earth again. Connection issues still remained.

In any event, folks who’d want to try blogging from the future may best be served by writing a paper on the possible effects of dividing by zero and see where it goes from there. There’s a lot of game space out there in 2010, and there’s bound to be a gem or two that I’ve missed, and a couple of dead MMOs that I’ve not discussed for fear of destroying the barrier that surrounds the parallel universes.


The Future Victor Stillwater, who’s reportedly just as awesome as the present one, albeit slightly slimmer.

Final Fantasy XIII NA/Euro Release DateĀ Set

I woke up today to some really nice console gaming news that I thought to share with all of you folks. According to reports on Kotaku and Destructoid, Final Fantasy XIII, will be coming out on March 9, 2010.

This is great news for Ps3 and Xbox 360 fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting its release. At the same time, a PlayStation 3 owner like myself will have to contend with the fact that another great RPG, White Knight Chronicles, will be coming out for the PS3 sometime this February.

In any event, inside the full entry is find the latest trailer for the game, as well as the NA/EU Theme Song for FFXIII: My Hands, by Leona Lewis.

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