Patchification, Ho! Recettear Gets Second Patch

You may have finished Recettear by now, but that doesn’t mean Recettear is finished with you! Recently announced on Carpe Fulgur’s Recettear page was the release of a patch for the item shop sim.

Impulse buyers should be able to get the patch already, but owners of the Steam version of the game should check to see if it’s been rolled out already, as they only wrote “soon” on the front page, and that was on October 8.

In any event, so I don’t misinterpret anything, you can find the patch notes for the this 1.108 patch and the previous 1.106 patch after the “Read More” link and the download and instructions for manual patching can be found here. Cheers!

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Recettear Downloading and Non-Steam Patching

So I caved in and bought Recettear for myself through Impulse. It was a rather stressful few hours last night as it seems the Impulse client has a tendency to hang at weird, potentially security-destroying moments. It’s still downloading right now, but I suppose I can wait.

In the meantime, I’d like to inform my fellow Recettear owners that the non-Steam version of the game (that is, the versions available through Impulse and Gamer’s Gate) has a patch that you can download to improve the game. Carpe Fulgur has the download available on its site, and the official forums for the game has the patch notes available for perusal. YAY!

(Recet)Tearing Me Up Inside


A bunch of people from my blogroll, as well as a couple of sites I frequent, have written about the item-shop sim called Recettear.

I can afford to purchase the game, but I’ve always been on the fence about management sims because my skills as a manager are about as good as Peter Griffin’s, if he were to manage a cupcake stand (insert obligatory Family Guy non sequitur joke here).

Nevertheless, I want to support this game, if only because I’m curious about it and want to see if I have any actual management chops. I can organize words in my mind logically enough, but taking stock of ever changing variables over time… that’s something worth investigating.

In the meantime… some links for you to look at, in the order in which I read them.

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