Hyper Video Cast Off: Hoshi No You Ni (Like the Stars)


Welcome to another potentially short-lived series of posts (unless I find more geek fodder for this particular series), this time focusing on offering readers with a little bit of entertainment from the internet that you might not find with your usual Google-Fu.

Hyper Video Cast Off will focus on offering you folks with a new video each week focusing on something that can be considered under the banner of “game-related or just plain geeky.” If it has music, even better, at least then you can sing along or dance to it.

The first Hyper Video Cast Off I’d like to offer for inspection would be a music video by Japanese singer Misia, titled Hoshi No You Ni, which translates to “Like the Stars.” This song is actually the theme song for the latest Ultraman movie to be released in Japan, called Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie. Yes, that’s the original Ultraman in the video, along with some of his alien buddies.

In addition, here’s a link to a site which has the sing-along lyrics to the song in romanized form that I’ve posted after the jump, but also a serviceable translation for the lyrics. Enjoy!

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